Frequently Asked Questions

Does my membership give me access to all the classes on site?

Yes! You pay one price, either monthly or yearly subscription, and you gain access to every video in our library. Check out our library here : LINK TO LIBRARY CLICK HERE

Why are Tutorials MIRRORED?

Our tutorials are mirrored so that when the instructor teaches you, you can face the screen and follow along. Their right will be your right as well. This will make it easier for you to learn details, being able to see the front of the teacher the whole time.

Will you be adding more classes?

Yes! Of course we are always adding classes every month in new styles and levels. Want to see a specific teacher? Would you like more classes in a certain level/style? Please let us know by emailing

Are classes live?

All classes currently in library are pre-recorded classes, so you can rewind at any time to learn at your own speed. We will have Live classes coming soon that will be FREE for our members!

Do you have beginner classes?

Yes! We currently offer classes in beginner hip hop, and will be adding more soon in different styles as well!

Is there a mobile app?

YES! We have an app accessible on both Iphone and Android. To access the app you must first create an account on our website. Download the app in the app store. And then login into app with the Email/Password you created.

Having trouble logging in?

Try resetting your password here first by clicking here : Reset Password If problem still consists, please email

Can i access the site in my country?

Redwall Tutorials is available Worldwide. In some cases, the country you live in may block the site, in which we suggest possibly downloading a trusted VPN service on your laptop or iPhone.

Can i cancel at any time?

Yes! No contracts, no obligations, cancel at any time and you will still have access to all tutorials until your next scheduled billing period.

How do i cancel my membership?

Go to Dashboard > Billing > Change Plan > Cancel Membership.

Are there refunds?

No refunds will be given for any subscription plan. You may cancel at anytime and will not be billed on your next scheduled payment moving forward. You will still have access to our full library until the end of your current billing period. No Pro-Rated refunds will be given for remaining time on either monthly or annual plans. 

Still have a Question?

Please email